Customer Reviews

We purchased one unit for one of our AWEA machining centers, this machine has spindle speeds of 20,000 rpms and really makes a fog that spreads throughout the shop, our facility is new with white walls that we were on our way to ruining with coolant mist. We were so satisfied with the first Coolant Mist Collector, we decided to purchase a second and a third unit for our other machines to completely eliminate the problem in the entire machining area. Very impressive! We could not be happier! ”

Phil Melendant

Owner, NeoVision Technology

We installed two large OKK horizontal machining centers, a 1250 and a 1600, and right away there was a misting problem. The operator was getting covered with coolant mist when they opened the door. We researched it carefully and found that the Module-air coolant mist collector did not use a door switch that had to be wired into the control, it just runs continuously, when the machine is on its on. The day we installed the units our misting problems were solved. The operators are very happy to have them and so are we.

Keith Huck

Proper Group International

I am one of multiple operators on the large OKK HMC’s we have here, before these units were installed we had breathing issues and coolant slime all over the shop. When you would open the operator door on the machine, a cloud of mist would come out after you. I can’t believe how well the Tanis units work! On a scale of 1-10 they are a 10! I mean the housing of the machine is 8ft x 8ft x 7ft inside and when you begin to open the door the mist just disappears. Everyone in this area is happy about this purchase, the mist is gone, the smell is gone and the exhaust moves the clean air around the shop, and that feels good too!

Shawn Sytsma