Voltage: 208v, 230v, 480v, 575v
Motor: 10 HP premium grade
AMPs-FLA: 208v (27), 230v (25), 480v (12.5), 575v (10)
Drive: Belt and pulley system with auto-tensioner
CFM: 14000
Weight: 770 lbs.
Dimensions: 39” L x 91” W x  88” H
Construction: Steel, aluminum, bolted, riveted, sealed
Finish: White two-coat powder coat
Applications: Clean and circulate, whole shop filtration
Db: 68
Standard Features:
Easy, no-tool filter changes
Balanced/Machined drive assembly parts, balanced blower, greaseable bearings with easy access grease fitting located outside unit
Comes standard with spark arrestors
Many different filter options to suit your needs
Easy-hang uni-strut mounting options available
NOTE: This unit can be mounted in vertical or horizontal position

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