Voltage: 110v or 220v (single phase)
Motor: 3/4 HP, premium grade
AMPs-FLA: 115v (8.7-2.4), 220v (4.1-1.7)
Drive: Direct drive
CFM: 1000
Weight: 120 lbs.
Dimensions: 24” L x 19” W x  50” H
Construction: Steel, Aluminum, Bolted, Riveted, Sealed
Finish: Powder Coated
Applications: Collect Coolant Mist, Oil, Smoke, Toxic Gasses, and more!
Db: 55
Standard Features:
Vertical or horizontal, direct mount, stands and other mounting kits
Units come standard with a coalescing filter, 10 cell 95% bag filter, and carbon filter
HEPA filter and housing sold separately

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