How it Works

Whole Shop Filtration

Our whole shop filtration units operate by drawing air/pollutants into the intakes, through a series of filters starting with a spark arrestor.
Next, a pleated pre-filter removes material (filters may vary depending on your filtration needs).
Then air flows through a 10-cell, 21″ deep industrial fiberglass bag filter.
The air is then circulated through the unit and out the clean air vent located on the front of the unit
(VT model clean air vent is located on top of unit).

Coolant Mist Collection

Our mist collectors operate by drawing air/mist into the unit through a series of filters.
First, our specially-made, proprietary Tanis Coalescing Filter separates and removes the mist/coolant and drains liquid back to be reused.
Next is a 10-cell, 15″ deep 95% industrial fiberglass bag filter that further filters out unwanted materials.
There is a charcoal filter located in the mid-section of the unit that filters out unpleasant odors.
If further filtration is needed, we offer a HEPA filter and HEPA filter housing assembly that filters out the finest unwanted materials.